Day 41 – Like a FREE Weight Watchers App

So today I was tooling around online and I found out about this app that is similar to a Weight Watchers tracking app only it’s free.  Weight Watchers calls calories points but what they really are are calories right? So there’s this free app called Calorie Counter by that will track all your calories and workouts, etc and then give you an analysis.  It takes into account your age, body structure, level of daily activity, etc.  I was so worried about having to count calories but this makes it so much fun and gives you charts and graphs and such which I can share with you right here.  The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or you can access it on the mobile web.  If you’ve ever even thought about eating better or god forbid, dieting. Download it and give it a go.  It will open your eyes to what you are putting into your body every day!

Here’s an analysis of my 1st day…

calorie counter

So this morning when I stepped on the scale I weighed a half a pound less then the day before =)


I was hoping to have lost more after that 5 mile hike on Walt Disney World property, however…the walk wasn’t strenuous and I guess that’s what you need to truly get the fat off.  Breakfast was my usual.


I got some blogging done before lunch which was another chili taco salad’ish’ salad.  Romaine, chili, onions, cheese, sour cream and tomato.

chili salad

My daughter and I talked my husband into going on our daily 5K with us.  He walked really really slow so I didn’t feel like I had gotten much of a workout in after we got back from the 3 miles.  I hopped on my treadmill and put another mile in at about a 16 minute jogging pace.

treadmill reading

Speaking of treadmill.  You have to see this treadmill desk! This would be ideal for me as I am in front of the computer at home here for most of the day!

Dinner was some cabbage sauteed in butter as well as one chicken breast cut up, seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning and sauteed in butter as well.  I think I may have eaten 5 bites of the cabbage and all of the chicken.  I had a left over Buffalo Sauce from Chik-fil-A the other night so I used it as a dipping sauce for my bird.

chicken and cabbage

I was hungry later on so I had a handful of almonds which ended up not agreeing with me if you know what I mean. Of course it could have been the buffalo sauce too. But the buffalo sauce didn’t bother me last night?  Here’s my photo of the day.  It’s gotten colder in Central Florida!


and of course the photo wouldn’t be complete without my obsessive cat who has to be everywhere I am.  Such a camera whore!

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