The Fitness Bloggers that Have Influenced Me

healthy groceries dietI initially started this blog as a way to stay accountable for a weight loss plan I had set in motion last year. After a 30ish pound loss I had a lapse in blogging. A BIG lapse! I also put back on 10 of the pounds I had lost so I decided that it was time to get back on the blogging wagon. I’ve missed the connection I had with all of my readers ad I need your encouragement again.  I hope I can inspire you along the way as well.

As you can see I’ve added a “My Race Schedule” to the sidebar of the website and “Skinny Runner” has inspired me to sign up for as many races this season as I think my legs can take me. Go check out Skinny Runner! She’s a BEAST! Well actually she’s a beauty but you catch my drift.  Be sure and read her race recaps. She’s run like a bazillion marathons so you may need to block off an entire evening and grab a bottle of wine. Thank you Skinny Runner for influencing me to get running again.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to try and eat better. Not going back to the no-carb diet that I lost the 30 pounds on, because let’s face it, you can’t train for your first full marathon without having gas in the tank and carbs are a necessary part of that.  I’ve been reading “Meals and Miles” for a little over a year now and I have decided to put some of Meghann’s meal plans into action. These are a few of the things that I picked up at Publix to help me on my journey.  Almond butter = good. Chobani = I’ll give it a go. I’m not a fan of yogurt…or pudding…or jello…or anything that feels like a big glob of glue in my mouth…Crunch. I need CRUNCH! But I’m willing to give this Greek yogurt thing a “go”. Thank you Meghann for influencing me to eat healthier.

And of course I can’t leave off the fitness blogger that influenced me the most. Ben over at Ben Does Life. You are a total rockstar! Thank you for influencing me to take the first step and subsequently many more steps one after the other in quick succession. If not for your blog I may have never started running in the first place.

And last I want to thank Sarah of Running at Disney. You not only influenced me to restart my blog back up by blogging yourself, you also inspire me! I’m really looking forward to crossing that full marathon finish line with you in January.

These are the fitness bloggers who have influenced me. Which fitness bloggers influence you?

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